Anyone else experiencing this? Recently, my 2yo girl literally throws her body around, kicks and screams and cries with EVERY diaper change, clothing change, and getting her into her sleep sack every nap and night. Anyone else experiencing this? And any ideas how to make it easier? I've tried distractions of all kinds like toys, singing, even the TV but nothing works and she is STRONG!

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Sounds ALOT like the terrible twos! Your usually sweet child is acting out more than usual and this is a way of expressing her need for independence along with her frustration at not being in control all the time. Thankfully, this will pass in time. For now, deal with the meltdowns by being patient but firm. Let them think they have some control. My friend who recently survived her son's terrible twos did just that. The little boy would throw a fuss each time he puts on his clothes and before meal times. So she'd let him pick out his own clothes and let him help set the table. Sure, the clothes picked out by a 2 year old will be mismatched and strange and the dinner table will be a mess but she says those are small battles worn and she'll take them for now.

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