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can anyone advice which milk powder for newborn is better and affordable on the market? i’m a single mom can’t really afford those expensive ones & im afraid i would have low supply breast milk.

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My first child (now 6yrs old), i couldnt breastfeed coz i gave up.. coz initially i have low supply n no support. I didnt know that even with low supply just keep continuining latching - giving baby sucking, will increase milk eventually.. I just gave birth to my second child, 2 months old + now. and i decided to try again. breastfeeding is hard. at start is really a struggle for me. coz baby keep wanting to latch/suck. It was painful when the baby is latching at first (latching properly) and it was very tiring. So i supplement with dumex/dulac. its affordable (about $14+) but i only used 10-30mls each feed and only when baby is super fussy n cranky and i feel super tired. if not, i just try to perservere and let baby latch. My milk powder is still about half full. you can try to breastfeed too..its cost saving.

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Hi, every mother will have milk. You can slowly establish a pumping/nursing routine and build your supply for about 3 months. Then your milk supply is pretty much established. It will take a lot of time and hard work, but can be done! Jia you! But if you really looking for cheaper milk, I think lactogen is quite cheap. Can’t really remember the price, but I bought that initially when my baby was born, until my parents and in laws recommend to buy s26 instead.

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Hi dear, you can consider lactogen and dumex dulac step 1, both brands are cheaper. Sgh actually uses lactogen so I suppose it's okay for newborn. If you can, try to latch more and see if you could get the hospital lactation consultant to help you with checking the latch. Some babies are pro from the get go, some babies need more help. Pumping helps to boost supply too but if all gets too overwhelming, just do what you can. Fed is best. Jia you super mama!

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honestly no one will have no milk. it's depend on your discipline and determination. correct nursing is very important too. get a help from you lactation nurse in your hospital after you give birth. not all milk is suitable for your baby maybe you want to get small tin to try out first.

There is new brand called nature one from Australia. Cost around $29+ from shoppee, they have the premium and organic version which is slightly more expensive then the normal range. Can buy from NTUC too.

you could get Gold formula milk from Fairprice made in Australia, price is at 30 bucks. the ingredients are the same as Enfamil. using Gold for both of my babies and they are growing healthily

If you keep trying to latch or pump, you'll sure have some bm. Keep latching to stimulate more supply. Do power pump. It also helps.

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Try dulac! Kkh and most major hospital uses this brand

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Dulac ? Lactogen. That's the most affordable