infant milk powder

can anyone advice which milk powder for newborn is better and affordable on the market? i’m a single mom can’t really afford those expensive ones & im afraid i would have low supply breast milk.

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My first child (now 6yrs old), i couldnt breastfeed coz i gave up.. coz initially i have low supply n no support. I didnt know that even with low supply just keep continuining latching - giving baby sucking, will increase milk eventually.. I just gave birth to my second child, 2 months old + now. and i decided to try again. breastfeeding is hard. at start is really a struggle for me. coz baby keep wanting to latch/suck. It was painful when the baby is latching at first (latching properly) and it was very tiring. So i supplement with dumex/dulac. its affordable (about $14+) but i only used 10-30mls each feed and only when baby is super fussy n cranky and i feel super tired. if not, i just try to perservere and let baby latch. My milk powder is still about half full. you can try to breastfeed too..its cost saving.

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