6 months old feeding with solid food schedule

Anyone able to advise if my solid food incorporation is safe for 6 month old? (Baby sleeps from 10:00pm to 9:00am every day) 9:30am - 180ml FM 12:30pm - 180 FM 3:30pm - 180 FM 6:30pm - 120ml (8 tbsp or 4oz) of solids* 9:30pm - 180 FM Total: 720ml FM and 120ml solids per day Solids introduced so far (with no allergic reaction) - sweet potato purée with rice cereal - apple purée - pumpkin pureee - avocado purée with rice cereal - potato purée with rice cereal My LO has no display of over-hunger between each meal and able to finish up the given serving for every feeding session. I just hope I am not overfeeding him solids as I have seen many parents shared that their LO only takes up to 4 tbsp of solids per meal. Just tad worried that too much of something is not good. Thanks !

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You might want to start off replacing baby's milk to solid feeds 2 times per day with your stated fruit / Veggie purees + cereal but AVOID milk for that particular 2 feedings. Because I'm afraid milk + solids including cereal could cause tummy discomfort and also might lead to constipation later on. As your baby just started solids so advised to take it slow and steadily increase the number of various kinds of solids introductions.

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2y ago

Thanks for your advice ❣️ however if my LO has no issue with taking 120ml of purée solids per feeding (eg no stomach discomfort or constipation), then is the serving size safe? Because he gets hungry very easily after that 120ml solids so I scared any lesser amount he will not be full haha

if your baby is a good eater, you can serve solids 3 times per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. and also you can offer him short meals also'

2y ago

Ah okay. But if I feed 3x solids, should I replace the solids meal with milk or solids (probably 1-3 tablespoon) + milk?