How much portion of solids should I feed to a 6-7month breastfed baby per serving? How many servings per day? Any feeding schedule sample? Recently found that my baby has abdominal discomfort and constipation. Feeding her EBM 80-100ml 3-4hourly. Solids (2-3 tsp per serving) after an hour later the milk feed. 3 servings of rice cereal and 1 serving of fruit puree per day. Is it too much for 6-7month baby?

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I am feeding my 8 months old baby one feed of solids per day, about half a baby bowl. Food before the age of 1 is for them to get used to eating. Not neccessary to substitute their milk feed for solids. They should still have milk as their primary food source. But if your baby is a good eater, you can serve solids 3 times per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Start by offering just a few spoonfuls at a time. When your baby has gotten the hang of it and seems to want more, work up to about 3 to 4 tablespoons per feeding. Once your baby has been taking cereal reliably once a day for a week or two, try twice a day feedings. Once they’ve done that reliably for a week or two, then you can start pureed foods.

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My baby usually eats breakfast at 630 am then snacks of fruit by 930 early lunch at 1130..another snacks by 3 and early dinner at 5pm...

atleast one type of food a day so you’ll be able to determine on which type of food he’s allergic to