6 month feeding with solid food schedule

Anyone able to advise if my solid food incorporation is safe for 6 month old? (Baby sleeps from 10:00pm to 9:00am every day) 9:30am - 180ml FM 12:30pm - 180 FM 3:30pm - 180 FM 6:30pm - 120ml (8 tbsp or 4oz) of solids* 9:30pm - 180 FM Total: 720ml FM and 120ml solids per day Solids introduced so far (with no allergic reaction) - sweet potato purée with rice cereal - apple purée - pumpkin pureee - avocado purée with rice cereal - potato purée with rice cereal My LO has no display of over-hunger between each meal and able to finish up the given serving for every feeding session. I just hope I am not overfeeding him solids as I have seen many parents shared that their LO only takes up to 4 tbsp of solids per meal. Just tad worried that too much of something is not good. Thanks !

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