Overtired baby refuses to sleep

During pregnancy, I had trouble sleeping at night and would play some games on my phone to tire myself out before I could finally fall asleep. My insomnia became worse towards the end of second trimester and lasted through the rest of my pregnancy. Now that the baby is out, baby would keep crying and refuses to sleep although there are instances where baby fell asleep for a few seconds before baby starts crying again. Husband is now blaming my ‘sleeping habit’ during pregnancy because it now falls onto the baby who refuses to sleep at night. Am I at fault for this?

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Har that's rubbish, there's no link one lol. I think you just need more time/experience before you can learn what makes the baby tick... although some babies really are just difficult zzz. Mine can wail nonstop for 1h while we are putting him to sleep but my mum can get him dead asleep within 10mins (if we had not already riled him up with our incompetence). The environment may play a part too - is it too noisy or too quiet? One trick that works sometimes is to walk in and out of light so the baby blinks himself to sleep, I hope this helps. Hang in there!

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Of course is nt ur fault lah… I had insomnia even before pregnancy and sometimes during pregnancy but didn’t affect my babies. Few reasons why your baby not sleeping well: wants to be hugged to sleep, colic, hungry, too hot or too cold or just simply they need time to adjust to the outside world. When is day time, let natural sunlight in and expose to light and noise. When is evening and night time, dim the lights and switch on some white noise or lullaby.

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I don't think your sleeping habit during pregnancy has anything to do with it. As during pregnancy, you are more active during the day, your movements make your baby sleep. At night, when you are less active, your baby wakes up. if you have just given birth, your baby needs time to adjust to night and day. Just have to be a bit patient as this phase will pass.

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Pls la no scientific evidence at all these are just myths…it has nothing to do with what you did during pregnancy but everything’s to do with your baby’s need for security and attachment. Growth spurts and developmental leaps can cause sleep regression in babies too!

There is no such thing....im a night owl also...For time being they dont know day or night but within 2 to 3 weeks they will start to differenciate morning n night. Try to sleep when baby sleeping. There is nothing u can do except for letting baby adjust. take care