Almost for a week, my pregnancy test was positive...but all of a sudden, i got my periods yesterday night i saw some spotting my actual period date was nov 16th, but period came on nov 22....I checked today morning it shows result like this one test faint line other one not pregnant.any suggestions why it happened?

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Clear blue digital can test early (4 days before ur expected menses) so I believe clear blue is sensitive. I was once tested positive on clear blue digital & gynae confirm through blood test . However, spotting came 5 days later, and period came. It was a chemical pregnancy . See a gynae to check . Rest well

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Clear blue hcg lvl are super high compare to the other preg test.. In order to use tt you might wait for a few weeks? Based on my experience.. If 2-3wks consider that you are already 5-6wk preggy.. Don't lose hope.. All the best! Best to take clear blue first pee in the morning 😊

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Seek the specialist. Period as in a lot of blood or just a spotting? If normal spotting during pregnancy are normal. To play safe, visit the nearest clinic or straight KKH.

Oh dear... Dont mean to scare you but o experienced the same. But it was 3 weeks after my expected mensus. Was it alotof blood or jz spotting? I think you needa see doc asap.

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hi if you experience the same thing what was your experience?

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Go see a doctor please. I know it sounds scary, but you need to make sure it’s not a miscarriage (versus your period). Big hug...

Maybe it’s a chemical pregnancy? Or else the pregnancy test is inaccurate. See a gynae!

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You might be having miscarriage. Please see gynae asap

See a dr for professional advice!

Go see doc