Do you allow your toddlers to eat desserts or any sweets after every meal?

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I would say it's okay for toddlers to have some sweets every now and then. DEFINITELY not after each and every meal, though. My daughter, who is a toddler, is given sweets maybe once a week. We're pretty strict, albeit, so maybe you could up that frequency. Just always keep in mind that most of the sugar in sweets and desserts are essentially unnecessary for the body. You'd be better off forming habits of eating fruits after meals instead.

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My 3-year old is used to eating desserts after every meal. He got it from me as I can't have a complete meal without dessert since I was a kid too. However, for my 1-year old, I plan to not her get used to it. I'm happy that her taste buds only know vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and some pastries for now.

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At first I was giving my almost 1 yr old baby a dessert every after meal. But after reading that it might trigger diabetes on child's early age, I immediately stopped and stood firm that I wil not give any sweets anymore even though she asks and cries over it.

My baby is only 11months old but even if she grows older, I don't think I will allow her to eat sweets like cakes/ice cream/chocolates after every meal. If it is a fruit, yes I will allow it.

Not when my kids have cough. But on several days, yes. However, they're only allowed to a certain amount.

Not all the time. To protect their teeth and their throat form getting sore.