Will you allow your kid to stay overnight at your inlaws' house even if hindi kayo kasama?

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Yes, if gusto din ng anak ko. Kasi if inlaw ko lang ang may gusto at ayaw ng anak ko, hindi ko pipilitin ang anak ko kasi baka umiyak lang siya and mahirap din ang inlaws ko.

I was raised by my grandparents and they were so good to me so definitely i will allow my kids to stay overnight at my on laws house .

Of course. :) It's important na they also have some time with their grandchild kasi mahalaga na maging part sila ng life ng anak ko.

Yes. I am quite sure they will care for my kids the same way they care for their son.

Why not! But allowing should also mean reminding my kid to behave.

Yes, but I tell them about my rules and routine.