Will you confront the parent of the kid who bullied your child at school?

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Pano if gusto kong kasuhan yung bully, pwede kaya? For example sobrang nabugbog yung anak ko plus nagka trauma pa.

No, I would get the school involved. Confronting the parents yourself will likely incur retaliation.

Same here I would get the school involved, they have guidance counselor that will help them

I think class adviser muna tapos escalate sa principal. Secondary na lang yung parents.

It depends. If puro pasa at mukhang nabugbog ang anak ko, I will call the cops.

I would say do both. Confront the parents and get the school involved.

Honestly, I would step in and call his parents and work something out.

Sa adviser muna ako makikipag usap and let her talk to the bully kid.