Post pregnancy hair loss

Share with us if you've experience hair loss after pregnancy .

Post pregnancy hair loss
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Had my hair lost started in 3rd and half month post partum. And I use anti thinning shampoo before I gave birth and after, i use anti thinning Scalp essence when my hair fall start and everything stop falling after 1. 5month. Baby baby is coming to 6 month in next week and I already seeing my baby hair growing back

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Yes and it was so bad that I had to see doctors at the skin clinic. It was so bad that I thought I had cancer.

Yes, many of my friends experienced considerable hair loss post pregnancy. But it gets better with time


Yes. But managed to cure it before it got worst, everything ended in 2 months.

3y ago

I use wouwou ginger shampoo the moment i start hairfall

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Yes last very long time. Till now i on off still drop alot of hair

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Yes and it’s really depressing every time I wash my hair.

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Yes. 8 months postpartum and it is not subsiding

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Yes, hair loss after 4mths till now ☹️

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I did not...? My hair became thicker 😅

5 months PP not getting better