Hair Loss

Hi mummies, anyone has issue with hair loss after give birth? Kindly share if there is any solution for this issue..

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I cut my hair really short. Still drop but not as much as long hair. Short like my husband 😐 no chioce I scared when I comb my hair. Hair can grow back that's what I told my self. But drop already don't know grow back anot, 😥

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have been losing my hair since 2 or 3 months PP until now (7 months), not sure when will ended. Eating those vitamins like blackmores pregnancy seems like helps for regrowth of the new hair, not stopping the hairfall though

Hey, If possible, try cutting your hair shorter. It is then easier to maintain and also will help help reduce the hairfall. Also try using Trichoderm shampoo to reduce hairfall

Hi. I'm using peekapoo shampoo. Currently sharing with my baby. Hehe. It really works on me and I can see baby hair coming out too. You can try getting that shampoo.

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Yes for me postpartum first delivery. It’s due to hormone change but the hair loss problem went away after a few months.

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This one works for me and my family after we were recommended by our friends!


I'm using this shampoo called wouwou it helps my hairfall stop and hair start growing out

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I am trying Alobaby shampoo now. Supposed to help. Thinking of cutting my hair short now.