Hair loss during pregnancy

Any remedy to reduce hair loss during pregnancy? I have been having hair loss since mid 2nd trimester. Thank you!#pleasehelp

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Hair loss post-pregnancy During pregnancy, bodies go through a lot of hormonal changes. One not a good impact of these hormonal changes is that our hair follicles remain in the anagen (or growth) phase for a longer period. This resulted in our hair growing more than usual and making it lusher, thicker and healthier during pregnancy. However, within about three to six months after the birth of babies, most women have a sudden drop in hormone levels. At this time, most of our hair follicles move into the ‘telogen’ (or resting) phase, where they stop growing and fall out. [Read: All You Need to About Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy] It’s like your garden… you’ll plant some new plants, and be motivated for a while, watering them and nurturing them daily, and they thrive, and caring for them, growing bigger and sprouting more and more flowers every day. Then, you’ll go away, or get distracted and suddenly, the plants are receiving minimal nourishment. The next thing you know, the flowers are starting to die and drop off. And, you left with nothing but a few twigs sticking out of your pot. Although you can’t stop the hormonal changes, we can change our nutritional intake. Nutritional deficiencies can certainly play a major role in hair loss post-pregnancy. Although by 6-12 months postpartum, your hair growth and loss usually return to their normal cycle. And ensuring that you are meeting your requirements of key nutrients that can help to slow down post-pregnancy hair loss in the interim. [Read: Best Food to Increase Breast Milk] What are the causes of postpartum hair loss? An average person loses about 100 hairs a day, but not all at once, so they don’t notice them. for more information click the link

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Cut hair short and do a weekly coconut oil hair massage.

What about getting ur hair cut , lighten the weight 😉

3y ago

cut already. still drop 😅

I use since beaute shampoo and it helps

3y ago