I have been breastfeeding my baby for 8 months already. And I just found out I'm pregnant again. How can that happen? I thought I won't get pregnant if I'm breastfeeding? Will it affect my milk supply?

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It is possible to become pregnant even though you are still breastfeeding. In studies conducted by the World Health Organization and researchers to determine if breastfeeding can effectively prevent pregnancy, results have shown that in 98 percent of the times, breastfeeding was a barrier to conception if these three criteria were met: - You must be fully or nearly fully breastfeeding. This means you should be breastfeeding at night and have regular and small intervals between feeding times. - You have not resumed your menstrual periods. Any kind of vaginal bleeding after the 56th postpartum day is a sign that fertility has returned. - Your baby is younger than six months. (taken from: http://sg.theasianparent.com/getting-pregnant-and-breastfeeding/) It is likely that you will see a decrease in milk supply by mid-pregnancy. This is due to the gradual rise in progesterone levels during pregnancy. When your supply starts decreasing, you may want to consider increasing your baby’s intake of solid food while continuing to breastfeed (as milk should still be the primary source of nutrition for babies below one year old). As long as your baby is gaining weight adequately, you shouldn’t be too concern. For more information on breastfeeding through pregnancy: http://kellymom.com/tandem-faq/16milkchanges/

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