After having a baby,my breasts feel deflated and very unsexy. and if my Husband tries to turn me on with them, it's very awkward knowing that I breastfed my Daughter. How do I get over this? Or should we just give breasts a miss altogether?

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Actually you should see your breasts as very sexy. They are the source of your daughter's food and a significance of what you have done for motherhood. I am sure your husband still finds your breasts sexy. In fact some men find their wives sexier after giving birth :) actually our breasts size usually remain the same after we breastfeed. I have spoken to a breast specialist before . They only feel or look smaller because before that our breasts were very engorged and bigger during pregnancy and breastfeeding so it is a relative thing. But yes they do feel but deflated like all the fats have been sucked out, not so firm anymore. If we learn to love our bodies before and after birth and be confident about it I am sure your husband will find you sexy deflated or not

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