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Abt 18weeks now and I've been trying to sleep on my side as I know that it's better for baby. But every night I spend 2 to 3 hours tossing and turning as I'm really not used to it even with pillows as support etc. Question is shld I keep spending 2 to 3 hrs every night to try get used to it or just sleep on my back and get more rest? TIA!

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Should be ok. I watched a doc talkshow and they said if you’re uncomfortable sleeping on your back, you will know it and definitely move sides. Also, if baby is uncomfortable, he or she will kick you and make you shift. I try to sleep on my side before I fill asleep, but sometimes I wake up on my back also.

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I am 33wks now and it does not get better! Still having difficulties finding a good position to sleep. For the most part I try to sleep on my side and will turn from one side to another. But sometimes cnnot help it i just lie on my back. But i get cramps when I do that! Just dealing with it now!

I can’t comment on your sleeping habit but I slept on my back often until I reach third trimester. Tossing is a chore now and I do feel better sleeping on the side, less pressed organs.