My 6 month old baby was sniffling all night, I think his nose is blocked. What should I do? Any home remedies?

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Yes dear, sterimar. Even the hospitals use it for infants till child becomes older. If its really congested you can get illadin. Illadin is for nasal congestion, also used at kkh. Otherwise suctioning with a nasal aspirator works as well. Best to combine all together :)

For blocked nose, you can try saline solution. It is simple because all you need is salt and water. It's made by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt with 1 quart of boiled distilled water. Hope it helps!

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Yes, Salinase is the one mostly prescribed for infants but if the nose is super clogged, you can buy nose suction. I bought mine from Safety First. It helps relieve clogged nose immediately.

For infants, Salinase or any saline solution is recommended. 2-4 drops per nostrils every 4 hours.

Use silver and warm water place it on d nose small small for the baby to inhale

Herbal medicine po gamit ng kambal ko since their 4th month

Visit hospital for proper treatment

Use saline nasal drops.