Drinking milk at 4 years old

My girl is 4 years old now but she is still drinking lots of formula milk. One feed about 120-150 ml, with at least 4 feeds a day. Should we reduce the feeds or amount?#advicepls

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my son is still drinking milk and he's 5 years old. he had milk twice in a day. once when he just woke up at 120ml and once before he goes to bed also another 120ml. he has 3 meals a day and snacks in between. i dont know about other parents but for myself i believe milk is very important as part of the children's growth. for their bones, teeth, brain and etc. hence the reason why some milk has indication for 5 to 7 years old and some are for above the age. if your child is still drinking milk, let her be as long as she is also taking other source of nutrients and not replacing any solid meals for just milk.

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nope I don't think you should. actually many people will say main source is food etc but milk is actually very good for baby's development let them drink even if they want at 10yo. it's good not bad thing anyway just that our pocket hurts that's all 🤭

At that age can put a stop to formula milk already. She should be getting her nutrients from the foods that she eats. Can give her fresh milk instead.

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Hows her food intake? U cn give fresh milk instead