8 Weeks baby drinking small amounts of formula

Hi, my 8 week old baby often falls asleep when she starts drinking milk. This results in her taking in half her feed only, and she gets hungry very fast. How can I ensure that she takes her full feed so that she can last 3 hours? Otherwise, it is really exhausting to keep up with her hourly feeds. Also, her total formula intake is only about 540ml per day compared to the recommended amount. Is this ok?

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Making suee baby is fullt awake before feeding. Try talk to baby while feeding dont let baby get too comfort and doze off. If you baby doze off try changing diaper or change of position to wake baby up.

4y ago

Usually baby will only be awakw for 30 min max after feed will just sleep for at least 2 hour and only wake when hungry. Different baby different intake. My girl at 3 day old drinking 90ml 2 hourly. At 1 month old 120ml when 3 month she's drinking 180ml and stuck till now 15 month.