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My 3year old kid coughed for more than 6months (on and off dry cough after covid) usually she only coughs during day and night time (while sleeping) and we bought her to pd when cough badly. And she has been taking medicine too. Is so heart broken to see her suffer, she even coughs while sleeping.#pleasehelp #advicepls

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My son was also coughing at night while under airconditioned room. Our house is small. Every night time when sleeping or about to sleep, even if temperature is 23/24 degrees Celsius, he would still cough like with plegm. Good thing when my husband researched those causes of young ones' coughs, we found out that after we remove bleach in our laundry routine or home remedies, my son now 2yrs old has stopped and no longer coughing at night. Hope this helps.

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Hi. Exactly like my daughter. Has been coughing everyday for 6months after covid.Went to PD as well. Recently we decided to go to KKH. Doctor give antibiotic for bacteria. For the coughing during sleep is due to sensitive nose. Mucus from her nose drop to her throat. Have to give nasal spray everynight. How is ur kid doing now?

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Perhaps can try home remedies method, take prospan cough syrup, hydrate more and use air purifier. Nowadays, the covid variant or virus going around not just kids suffer long recovery process but adults too. It can be immunity or just the flu bug going around.

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Pls get her checked by a Pediatrician. You can also try this home remedy:- a tablespoon of honey with few drop of ginger juice once in the morning and once b4 bedtime.Also give her lukewarm water on daily basis till the cough is cured.

this happened to my kid - we finally found a doctor who diagnosed her with asthma and got it under control.

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Which doctor did u bring her to?


I’ve heard good reviews of Chinese TCM - Yu Guo. Can try

Bring your kid to the pediatrician.

did you try seeing TCM?