Need advise to gain bb weight

37 wk + 3 days and my bb weight is just 2.535 kg. It has passed the low birth weight (2.5kg) but if i am going to deliver any time soon.. what can i do to give more nurtrients or to make bb fatter? Is eating durian might help? Thanks!!

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I tried maternal milk, avocados and eggs! My baby was also almost under low birth weight. Came out at 2.85kg at 39+6. But if you can't eat much, maybe can try maternal milk as the calories and nutrients are more dense for the amount you consume. I got frisomum which has about 400kcal for a 180ml serving. Don't buy the brand if you don't like vanilla flavour for milk, I personally added milo cause I didn't like the taste). There are other brands like Enfamama. I'd like to say don't stress yourself over it though! I did and it wasn't helpful. I did gain a 1-2 kilos per week by the last few weeks and only a small fraction went to my baby. Babies can have healthy weight gain after they are delivered :)

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Mine was around the same as urs. I ate two eggs, avocado, sweet potato with butter and drink milk everyday. BB weight come out 2.8kg. All the best

Protein (meat) and rice (can have brown rice if u find white rice fattening) work for me :)

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Yup durian avocado.. more protein.. almonds.. milk etc

Durian works wonder for me.


Durians or potatoes

Milk and egg


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Meat ?