12 weeks pregnant but suddenly don't feel preg

I'm 12 weeks now with my first child but suddenly all my pregnancy symptoms eased up. I don't feel so nauseous anymore. I feel more energetic and I can eat better. The lack of symptoms makes me worried that I'm not pregnant. Is this normal? I do get the occasional tailbone pain still. It comes in waves, probably due to the release of hormones every now and then. But otherwise, I really feel OK. OH, and I sometimes feel abit crampy on my uterus muscle. Feels like sometimes a muscle has been stretched... That kind of sensation but it's not painful. Should I be worried??! I can't help but to feel worried.

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My situation is just like you. Nausea and vomiting eased, but bloating and burping continues, but I don’t vomit on everything I ate, only when I feel that I ate too full and too bloated and I will vomit, usually before I sleep. I am also constantly worrying like my pregnancy is gone because my first pregnancy was a missed miscarriage. But I guess everything will be fine. I am so looking forward to my next scan in few days time, hoping that the heart is still beating hard and strong!

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this is called the second trimester bliss. the stretching of uterus is for the baby to grow, it can also be round ligament pain. enjoy it. it’s very normal.