My 3 weeks old newborn lately latch for at least one hour - two hours. After that he will still cry for milk. (I checked diapers, coaxed him to slp , massage his tummy first before giving him extra milk). After drinking he will vomit / burp out milk again. Why is this so?

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to latch baby for 1-2 hours can be too long for 3 weeks old baby. That’s why will vomit after burp. Baby may feel too full Usually recommend to latch max 20-30mins for both sides every 2 hr or latch 10mins then bottle feed Breast feeding milk flow can be fast / slow. Maybe you can try cut down and observe. Also do check whether has colic issue

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- Can try once you are done breast feeding for 30 mins. Let hubby or family members to carry and observe. And play with baby or make baby sleep . Don’t go near yet as baby can smell your milk - Growth spurt ( baby tend to be fussy ) - do check baby has blocked nose, thrush , stomach gas , Reflux, over tired - observe her crying & is it more frequent on mornings or nights? - how’s the sleeping schedule

Is he latching well? My #3 was latching for 2-3hours each time and all he does was to puke the milk out in the end. Although his growth was normal, I ended up calling the LC over and realised he was lip tied that’s why he couldn’t latch well.