Sleep or feed?

My 3 month old drink 120-150ml every 3 hours. Sometimes after 2 hours he will crank badly, I am guessing that he is sleepy but my MIL always say he could be hungry. As I don’t want to overfeed him, I will try to make him sleep first. If he does sleep, I will not feed him until he wakes again for another feeding. So if my LO slept, it means he is just tired instead of hungry right? I just don’t want to overfeed him, because each time he cries, my mil will say he is hungry

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i think all MIL thinks that way 😬 even mine. everything feed feed feed, but thankgod my baby is the kind will not react to milk even teats inside her mouth, when shes alr full and when someone tryna feed more 😂 i just go with MIL flow out of respect but baby react that way, i will just say 'its ok. baby full alr. she just wanna sleep in your arms' 😂 and yeap your baby maybe tired only. not hungry if he could fall asleep without being fed.

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I fully agree with you. He’s just tired. The amount you’re feeding is more than enough:) At 3 months, baby shouldn’t be staying up for 2 hours (except maybe the last nap in the evening). Should be up to 1.5 hours only.. probably why he’s cranky sometimes. You’re doing great at understanding your baby:)

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Lol agree with all the comments. Sometimes we need to remind the older folks that babies can only cry to communicate but there’re other things that can fuss about, like sleepiness, gassiness or general discomfort.

i think thats what happen with most mums and mils...have to slowly educate them..they mean no harm..but have to let them know there's many reasons why babies cry

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Annoying statement that every mil make. Baby cry doesn’t mean hungry. Sometimes it could be gassy or just want to be carried

Every mother and mil think that way. Same for mine. Is your baby on FM or BM?