My 3 children has been sleeping very late. As late as 3-4am. Now the youngest joined in. All of them below 5years old. I am really exhausted. I have no idea how to readjust their body clock.

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its very easy to put them sleep if u take little steps initially... start with kid who makes loud noise nd very naughty.. if u make tat kid to sleep automatically its easier to make other kids to sleep so fast. wen u make 1 kid to sleep send other kids to ur husband to another room...initially it may take long hrs may b even hlf hr to 1 hr also for 1st kid to sleep.. den try wit next ...den next..everyday if u follow with exact time which is convenient for u they ll get tuned to ur timings... its very easy to tune the kids ..initially it ll b always difficult.. v hav to b calm and patient... feed them full in nite... everything ll b ok...dont worry...

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