Excited or Nervous? I dont know.

Hi Mummies. I am pregnant 36 weeks now. I have heard all sorts of birthing stories, either early or late. And mostly, all of the mummies are excited to welcome their little ones. But for me, I dont know what to feel. Yes, I have been preparing all the newborn things that are supposed to be done, I have been talking to my little one in the tummy and I definitely dont mind him coming out early or late as long as he is healthy and ready but I feel like I dont really have the connection with him. Like there no bonding. Is it normal? I already feel like a very bad mom for having this kind of feeling but I really cant help it. Is there any way for me to feel excited for little one? 😔#1stimemom #firstbaby

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It's normal. When my baby girl is still in my tummy and I had very bad morning sickness, I'd even think that she doesnt like me sometimes that's why she's making me suffer so much. Even after she's out, when I look at her even though I felt love but sometimes felt strange too. like who is this stranger that was growing in my tummy and now in my arms. however, slowly and surely, the connection will grow more and you'll feel the bond more. Dont need to force yourself to be excited. you are allowed to have other feelings other than happy or excited for the arrival of your little one. dont stress yourself over these. take care alright!

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It's ok not to feel the bonding yet. I felt like that too when I was pregnant with my first. I didn't even talk to him while in my tummy cos I felt stupid 😅 But once you see your baby and wrapped in your arms, see it's beautiful face, cute little fingers and cooing, very sure you'll cry tears of joy! You'll always remember your birth story for the rest of your life. It's really unbelievable! That's how wonderful motherhood is!

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It's normal to not feel a connection yet since baby is still in your tummy, but I assure you once baby is out and you see him you will feel it. It's a powerful feeling you won't miss. Don't worry :)