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Im 12 days late with sore breasts + low back cramps but i took 3 pregnancy test in a range of few days apart and it’s negative… 3 would’ve confirmed is negative right? Anybody had experienced with false negative before? Also to add i am hardly late for my periods so this is the longest I’ve been late as i am usually regular #advicepls

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Tender/ sore breasts are typical symptoms of a coming period too. Try not to symptom-spot too much as the stress level can affect and delay your usual period. Since U alr done 3 tests, it’s most likely negative even with the blood test done. I’ve been through that phrase before so I know how it feels like. I’ve since gone past that stage and really learnt to focus more on being happy n contended and am currently pregnant 18 weeks. Sorry to burst the bubble but hopefully u can get pregnant soon. Try focusing more on ur personal mental health, eat well too. The belief of keeping your moods good is really true. It’s not a easy route but I believe u will get there some day!

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1mo ago

Im not ttc but i just wanted to ask as the possibility but ive just took a blood test for an ease of mind, thank you!

I’ve missed my period for 3 months and was not pregnant. Even went to Poly for a quick scan and was referred to KKH for further checks. Totally healthy, nothing wrong with me. No cysts no nothing. It is possible and pretty normal for a woman to experience anovulation, means missed ovulation, which also means you just didn’t ovulate for that month.

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1mo ago

Yeah I made an appt at Poly and told the doc I missed my period. Then she sent me for a quick scan and there was nothing suspicious. However they referred me to KKH to do further checks in case there are underlying conditions. Went to KKH and did some scans too and blood tests, nothing wrong as well. So just waited out my period and it eventually came. I think I was also under immense stress, poor diet and lack of sleep at that point of time.

It’s most likely negative but you can maybe wait for another week and check again. If your period still doesn’t show up and it’s still negative, you should see a doctor.

i experienced missed period for 2mths plus. not pregnant and doctor don't find any problems. they gave me somesort of birth control .. once i completed the course, my period came ..

1mo ago

Did u had symptoms as well like tender breasts etc?

Try again few more days. the standard to check is 2 weeks after a missed period when hcg levels are higher. test first thing in the morning too.

1mo ago

Sure thank u!

It’s very likely just a delayed period. You can go to any GP to do a pregnancy blood test (HCG BETA) to confirm

a false positive is much more likely than a false negative. so ur case is quite rare. seek a GP out.

1mo ago

Yup just went for blood test to confirm thank you!

it’s likely negative but you can see a GP for blood test to be sure

1mo ago

Do u kno if i cn just walk in for blood test if i state want to check for pregnancy?

You can go to clinic for pregnancy blood test. Good luck!

Different brand of test kit affect too!

1mo ago

I was told cheaper ones work as well i havent done with clearblue