Coping sleep with toddler and newborn

Hi all. Im expecting the arrival on my number 2 this oct. Im so worried as my 17m old still wakes up in the night for milk. She wakes up as early as 6am, sleeps at 8.30pm. In between she will cry for milk 1-3 times every night. She is also a light sleeper, not independent yet. How do we cope with newborn arriving? As newborn will cry for milk often how can we make sure our toddler will get enough sleep? Can anyone share? #advicepls

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I delivered my 2nd born when eldest boy is about 19.5 months.... life is ultra tough. I hired maid to deal with housework and feed and bath my eldest boy. me and my hub will make eldest boy nap at 1pm till 3pm and sleep at 9.45pm till next morning. I took charge of feeding my youngest. my hub handle the bathing. my parents also came to help out sometimes. I ordered confinement meals for 2 months to boost my body.. now my boys are 30 mths and 10.5 mths. small one still wakes up for milk. whenever small one cry in the middle of the night, we quickly carry him out to living room as he will wakes his brother up... we are still having lack of sleep now due to the youngest... now I sacked my maid so we just do minor housework during weekdays...

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