2.5Months LO drinking 60ml per feed

My 2.5m LO drinking 60ml per feed. She ask for milk every 1.5hr-2hr. Is it too much or too less? I tried making 90ml so she can have longer gap in between feeds but she will always stop at 60ml. What should i do?

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Super Mum

Your LO should drink 150-200ml/kg/day. So assuming she’s about 4+ or 5kg, the amount you’re giving is okay. My LO also didn’t drink past 60ml at that age. It’s okay. Some babies drink more each time, and some drink less. Mine took at least 5 months to start drinking more than 100ml per feed. Haha. Some babies do that much earlier.

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4y ago

I see. Thank you so much! I was so worried!

VIP Member

Overall daily intake seems ok for LO age. No need worry so long as the weight is gaining well.

4y ago

Thank you! So relieve to hear this😍