How many ML formula for 3 weeks old

#firstbaby #advicepls Hi! I read up on google that my 2 going 3 weeks old in 3 days time should be drinking 120ml per feed however when I gradually increased to 90ml at 2 weeks, he will only drink 60ml. Every feed I’ll do 90ml but he will always drink exactly at 60ml every 2 hours up to this date. What should I do? I’m afraid when he’ll go for his 1 month check up, the doctor will say that I’m underfeeding him. Kindly help as I’m a first time mum!

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Hi there, I will follow FM brand recommendation and will adjust accordingly based on my LO’s need. My LO is going one month and her intake usually is 60ml per feed and rarely go to 90ml unless the feed was drag to 4hours during the night. However, even if drag till 3 or 4 hours, she may still take only 60ml or 75ml ish or even lesser at times. I was quite worried back then when I went for the checkup during her first two weeks as she was only taking 20ml per feed every 2 hour. Then the doctor told me that another alternative to look at is based on the total feed per day - LO’s weight in kg multiply by 150ml. If she is drinking that amount +- , shouldn’t be too worried about it :)

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I followed this website cause i find it very accurate for my baby instead of following FM brand - Nan. I changed it to ml measurements for my own easy reference. Now my LO is almost 1 month, she can drink 90 - 100ml.

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I would follow the recommended feeding ml/times according to FM Brand. However, I will increase/decrease intake according to my baby's feeding routine or what suits best his/her preference/pattern.