Worried of Sugar water drinking during 28 weeks

Hi, 22 weeks now. I need to know whether I might get gdm or not. Very worried. Previous two pregnancies (I was mostly on vegan diet), I didn't have it. Now my food intake is Milo 'o' with two ice cubes (every morning and evening), food mostly is protein meat (chicken,mutton) and wheat based (couldn't tolerate rice at all). Less intake of vegetables and seafood. And I drink ginger ale with brown sugar occasionally. Please advise me.

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Tulis jawapan
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Hmmmm I also like to drink milo during my pregnancy, without sugar! Not everyday just occasionally, bila teringin. Milo contains a lot of sugar already. Fortunately no GDM hihi. I can't eat vegetables,oh only carrots! During third trimester I drink carrot milk juice almost everyday! I think it's OK to eat whatever you want dear, it will make you happy (pregnant kena happy2),just don't eat too much of everything 😃

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