16mo LO, hubby and i are staying at my parents place as our home will only be ready in Dec. I am also currently preg in my 37weeks. Parents have always been interfering whenever we try to teach or guide LO. Since baby, LO has always been taken care by parents and recently(these few days), LO is super duper sticky to mum. He will scream and yell until he sees mum. Furthermore, if we don give in to him in any ways, he will also scream and cried badly. Hubby and I have been trying not to let LO has his way. But whenever we are educating and explaining to LO, my parents especially my mum will interfere. Ytd night while slping halfway, LO woke up screaming and crying for no reason. Tried coaxing him with things he stopped crying, after awhile he cried again. Mum came in the room scolded us for letting LO cry and she took LO away. Hubby and i tried to tell her that this is not the right way to teach LO and he will know how to get things in his way. Its gonna be a bad habit. Ended up having a heated arguments, they claimed that we do not have the ability to take care of LO and still trying to act smart. Mum says that leave LO with her and she knows how to take care of him. Parents said that we do not know what is best for LO. We made him cry and we don't love him, just being selfish to keep him by our sides when LO doesnt even want to be with us. In the end dad shouted at us! He said " take ur son away all u want and move out of the house now, u can teach and guide whatever ways u may like, leave!" I was so angry but hubby pulled me away. I really feel so angry why would they(parents) behave like this? In the past, i remembered clearly that they told my grandparents that they are not supposed to interfere in any ways how they(parents) gonna bring up the kids. Why is it now they are doing different thing? And to think that, dad could just happily chase us out just because we are staying at their place now.

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Wow. So sorry to hear about this :(.