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My daughter is 1 year 3 months she does not eat properly only 3-4 mouth always.. What can I do for her to make her eat more and gain about more weight.. Everyone says she is skinny.. #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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there are many possibilities etc teething lost interest in the usual food. prefers something stronger taste. if all these don't work you can try to split meals into small portion but give in more frequent schedule. may I check what's she eating usually and how's her schedule so can help you further.

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3y ago

she eats like nestum, porridge, but all small mouths every baby food given she eats small mouth.. She definitely wants to eat adult food but also in small portions.

cguro have her Mantoux test/ tuberculin skin test done and chest xray just to rule out if meron syang primary complex para meron kang peace of mind kung bakit sya skinny, though pede rin naman nya either sa side mo or sa mister mo ung katawan nya. Ask if pede na sya mag heraclene or pediasure.