May I know if there is any tip to solve my problem? I noticed my girl likes to take the spoon to self feed recently but I need to blow and cool her porridge if I'm feeding her. How can I give her okay temp porridge to self feed? The problem is she don't takes food cold..once it is not warm enough she don't want it if she self feed I suppose it will be slower and the food will turn cold....any mommy facing this issue? I can only think of...putting in bit by bit for her to self feed but....i also have to timed it...sigh as she gets very impatient if she's hungry

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I agree with those temperature sensitive spoons. Secondly, give her the portion bit by bit. While she is self feeding,try to feed her a few spoonful yourself too. This way she learns to self feed and she gets to be fed

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you can try to get her a baby spoon feeder with temperature sensitive? the spoon will alert you by changing color if its too hot. can get from Mothercare.