My 1 month that old baby like to sleep on my chest.. he don't really sleep on his back.. only sides or tummy. For now on my chest I am still okay, I worry that when he grow up older and become heavier how will I able to let him sleep on my chest.. but sleeping on my chest he can sleep very soundly.

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Everything that we choose to do or not do now will hp shape his sleeping habit and that is a sleeping habi that u don't want to be shaped. All babies like to sleep ion the mother's chest because of the warmth, security and the familiar heartbeat but u cannot be baby sleep sleep for 1-2 hrs u let him sleep on u and u don't do a thing? U would sill need to go toilet, eat ur food etcetc. If u cultivate such habit, baby will want to sleep on u every time he wakes up in the middle of the night and if for some reason u are not there at bedtime, baby will wait for u. When he fall asleep, transfer him to the bed/cot. Gradually u should progress to when he is semi asleep in ur arms, he will go into the cot, then hopefully transition to the can sleep by himself with u beside. By 9 months, baby can be 9 kg...not a feasible long term plan for sleeping on the chest i would say. Can sleep slightly to the sides when u put him down

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Hi as ur baby is still very small he might fee more secured when he is near u as he can feel ur heartbeat just like when he is in ur womb. I am not sure if u saddle ur baby. It can add sense of security to him. Then from there u can try to pat him sleep or let him sleep on his own.

Dont worry dear, babies will out grow it. My boy sleeps on me as well. I mean he has been in your tummy, its comfort zone for him. Ill really treasure the moments. When he is older, he wont want it anymore.

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If continue like this, u are not letting baby to be independent which is a very bad thing. Once he stick to you like koala bear, you will know how bad it is!

It's ok! He won't sleep on ur chest forever!