My LO will only sleep on his side. If I try to put him lying on his back, he will be wide awake. Is it normal? My mother been wanting him to sleep straight on his back but I think is okay to let him sleep any positions he wants. As long as he is comfortable.

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My lo has been sleeping on her tummy since week 5. But before that, you need to assess whether your lo neck is strong enough. My lo able to lift her head and turn left and right while on her tummy. Every child is different. She got colic since week 4 till now almost 3months and she cant sleep more than 30mins on her back or side ways. She will only sleep peacefully on her tummy. I mentioned to my PD and he says by right shouldn't sleep on tummy as it may cause SIDS but he also says thats its understandable to let baby sleep on her preferred sleeping position so as to let her sleep well. My PD have 4 children and his 2nd child also got colic and only tummy sleep from 4 weeks till 2 years old. He says that when the baby lay on her tummy, it helps to smooth the colic a little. Just make sure your LO neck is strong, no soft toys or blankets around LO. Perhaps u want to try for day nap time when you are awake and sit beside and observe your lo while your lo sleeps on his/her tummy. From there, you can guage whether your lo suitable to sleep on tummy anot.

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Your mother is right. To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, healthy babies should always be put to sleep on their back -- not their stomach or sides. ... The safest sleep position for babies is on their back.