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Can i do eyelashes? now i am 20weeks pregnancy 🥴🥴
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I did all the way until the day I give birth with eyelashes on so I would look so shag.
I want ask about smell cigarette? have effect to baby anot? i meaning after husband smoke and still have smell on his shirt like this.. so worry about this..now i have 20weeks d
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Second hand smoke is not good for u or baby
How many weeks can have feel baby kick your tummy? now i just have feel he moving only? this is normal?
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Normal:) the kicks will come later on when baby’s feet are bigger and stronger
what pregnancy to eat for the baby to have a healthy weight? want they 3kg +? Can?🤩🤩 how to choose about food? need more meat? or what? hehe thank you 🙏
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Eat durian if you want your baby to be big 🤭 But of course eat more healthy food.
now my pregnant 19week but my tummy very small? my weight 39-45kg already. just worry baby small . i am first pregnancy
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Don't have to worry. It is only the beginning of your 2nd trimester...
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don't worry, my stomach throughout pregnancy is not that big compared to others. baby came out healthy @ 3kg
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when is the best time to drink milk? usually how many glass a day? is there any difference if i drink after meal or before? just being anxious. thanks in advance
No difference. But its good habit to drink doesnt matter after meal or before. But i usually consume morning, afternoon and night before sleep.
i want to ask Iron and calsium can i take together at same time ? or take iron(wait 30-1hr) first only take calsium? now i have pregnant 18week? cause i head if take together , Calsium will make react
Take at least 1-2hrs apart.
now my haemoglobin (blood) is too low 103 g/l (115-165) How to make my blood cover? and what food can get iron highly? cause now i am pregnant 4 month so worry about it and don’t know how to eat what
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Spinach, legumes, red meat, quinoa are some of the iron-rich food. I believe gynae will also prescribe iron supplement when necessary
what milk nice and good for pregnancy 🤩🤩
Sheep,Buffalo, Goat... Totally awesome..
one day you all drink milk how many is enough and good for pregnancy?
200 ml is ok for daily consumption.. Its mainly for calcium..Cheeses can be a good alternative too