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half day or full day
Which is better? The pros and cons. We wanted to send full day but my mother doesn't allow. Help...
Referring to infant care or pre-school?
Half day is good enough if someone is at home to look after your child. If not, opt for full day.
Full day would be best so the child would adapt to the school better but there are always pros and cons to both options. You should decide on what works best for you. List everything down, you'll be
Full day. To free up own time.
Ur child or ur mother child? Let her know where's the line
Mother of 2 and can't entrust helper when going back to work. Planning to bring kids to my mother and have helper followed. Can helper helping out mother with her house chores?
If the agreement is to follow the kids, there is no issue cos thats part of the agreed job scope.
Legally, she is not supposed to work in any house other than yours n in ur case she is supposed to only take care of ur kids n ur chores. You can definately talk to her about this, the good ones agree
Yes ofcourse but you need to speak to her first
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If your helper is good she can help It is a good idea to leave the kids there
Legally will b an issue. Just saw yesterday a notice in condo mentioning similar thingy but fir money. Guess even without money also not allowed.
Milk supply
How much milk supply should you produce on day 4th of giving birth?
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I didn't express milk on the first week...
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It really depends so just go with the flow!
Varies. Don’t stress that’s the most important
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Hi... it varies. If you breastfeed your child via direct latching, it will increase your breast milk
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It really depends. I’m oversupply mum. Yet I only produce 30ml/pump during that time. I pump 10 times a day. By 2nd week, I got 250ml/pump and 8 pumps a day.
Bottles sterilizer
Do you all think is necessary to get bottles sterilizer for your new born?
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I used the solvable tablets and they worked well. The bottle steriliser was a little tedious for us.
Not a must... depends on which is more convenient for you . I boil water using electric kettle
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Depends. U can try the traditional way by boiling. Save cost
Good to have if don’t want to boil water every time
Yes, a simple one will do, cos it's convenient!
Toddle sleeping pattern
My used to STTN 25months old toddler recently woke up middle of the night and wanted to sleep with us. I'm currently 31weeks and afraid not able to cope when the newborn arrive. He is in one nap durin
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I think there's still time to train your toddler. Maybe he feels insecure etc. If this continues maybe you can get a family member to help out if you can't cope ..?