Hello! 1. Can i check ask if it is needed to apply sunblock for 12month old if i take her swimming? 2. How long can they play in the water? 3. And lastly, where do i buy disposable swimming diapers? Thank you!!!

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1. Yes, best to apply sunblock for them. My kids use la roche kids sunblock 2. Usually 30 mins. Please ensure your child is not too cold, or lips turn blue etc 3. You can buy them at NTUC or Mothercare. If you're intending to bring her for swimming often, you can also invest in swim pants from charlie brown (can be bought at mothercare).

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4y ago

yes :) otherwise places like kiddy palace, mothercare all stock sunblock too :)

1. Yes you can apply sunblock for them. I am using Biore Kids Sun block. 2. For a start, i would go for 30mins of play time. 3. You can gt those swimming diapers from supermarkets or kiddy palace