if financial issues are not a problem, how many kids do you want?

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I think aside from the financial, parents should also consider the relationship of husband and wife with each other and also the relationship with yourself, your mental health. These should be one of the considerations.

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10 kids soccer team 5 girls and 5 boys better if they come twins that will be 5 times pregnant😂😂😂but pity because we don't get to choose gender during pregnancy but I'd love that

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Only two. Money is not the problem. The main problem is when we dont have enough time to our children. 😊

I'd still want 3 kids or less just because I want to be able to give enough attention to all of them.

10😂 or more . with 1 condition which is i want maid to help me doing housework

2 is the magic number. Not too much to handle and kids can play with each other

For sure 11. Boleh buat team bola. Just kidding. 4 pun dah ckup dan memadai.

Me 4. Mas masaya pag marami tapos marami din mag aalaga sayo if matanda kana

Hi, according to number of children, every third year a baby