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Yeast infection on first trimester
How to treat yeast infection on first trimester? I tried to call my gynae but the reception said if pain just go to A&E instead. No pain, just itchy around V area. Is there cream available over the co
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Can consider to drink cranberry juice (non sweet) too. It helps
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U might just wanna visit poly. They can help too
Dental filling on first trimester
I'm 7wks preg, is it safe to do dental filling on first trimester? I have small decay and feel very sensitive now, i don't think can wait till second trimester, still half way to go. Tried to call gyn
You may check with dentist.
Mcd cheeseburger
Is it safe to eat mcd cheeseburger during first trimester? I'm so craving for this 🤤
Yes! I had alot of mac during my pregnancy.
Yes it’s safe
Yessss, I ate a lot of Mac during first trim, it’s sort of my comfort food to keep my nausea controlled and the coke is good cause it makes me burp a lot and I felt better everytime I ate Mac haha.
Not healthy, but safe. I also ate MCD cheeseburger and fish burgers in my first trimester, especially if I’m hungry at late night and nothing else to eat cos small meals make me hungry fast
Of cuz. I almost eat once a week
Pipelle scratching before ET
Anyone had pipelle scratching before, how painful is it and how many days recovery? Did you have a successful ivf after pipelle?
Success FET
What to prepare for a success frozen embryo transfer, any specific diet to follow other than hormone medication?
Myself i did fresh trf. I was advise to drink pomegranate juice n egg bean soup eat protein like hard boiled eggs
Accupuncture, avocado milkshake, healthy diet and exercise
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Gd sleep, food n exercise
Tien Hsia Jurong Point
Anyone sent your toddler to tien hsia at jurong point? can give some reviews? how does this brand different from berries?
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My kid is at berries so far so good. I don't mind changing to Tien Hsia if price is comparable. Let me ask around
Bed rest after IVF embryo transfer
Did you take 2 weeks leave to bed rest after embryo transfer, is it a must to do this?
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You should seek your gynecologist advise
Lipstick ?
Is it safe to use lipstick during pregnancy?
Ya.. if u are worried, get burt bee's lipstick..
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Almost everyday.. haha
Of course! I don't go without haha
Yes :)