Dear Mummies & Daddies, My LO is 18mo & just started playgroup at Little Footprints Preschool yesterday. Since first day, I don't feel right as I find the principal & teachers are unwelcoming to us ('see people'). When my LO threw tantrums, the form teacher just carried on with our kids. There are a little girl being ignored as she will throw tantrums & a little boy who always cried. Tomorrow will be my last day to accompany LO. On Friday, he will be taken care by the CCC. I am thinking whether to change childcare centre or monitor for a month. Thank you!

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Hi Karen, It's always tough letting go of your baby and seeing them grow up. I would suggest bringing up their behavior with them but taking the teacher's behaviour with a pinch of salt and see how your child is enjoying at the centre for 1-2 months. Take a call on switching then. Good luck & don't stress!

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