My girl is 9 months old.. Last 2 days she had high fever up to 39.. Have seen pd after medicine she recover but now after she recover she body is full of rashes.. Is it normal..

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Hi Mommy, After high fever babies do get rashes, also known as Roseola. It generally starts with sudden high fever. It is caused by a virus. It is common and harmless among children between 6 months and two years. Do not worry at all, as it would go away on its own. All you can do is keep the baby indoors until there is no fever till 24 hours. The rash is not itchy and may last for 1 or 2 days. But you must see the baby's paediatrician if the rash doesn't go away after 2 days, and increases. Please go through this link below and you can relate the condition, and can make out whether the situation is the same as mentioned.

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Hi yes the rashes is normal . Some call it Rosela . Dont worry it go off after a few days and no medicine needed . Let your lo stay hydrate

Is normal. Even i oso get that after a high fever and cough and flu.. Admit to hospital when i was 4mth preg. Come hm whole body rashes...

Yup it's normal , it will go off by itself , but if you worry you can see pd again , hope your girl recover soon

Yup is normal! My girl have it too. The rashes is like The body has recovered from the virus

5y ago

It will go off by itself😊

My boy has this once after a high fever. Is normal and is like teleasing the body toxin out.