Any mummy give their lo brown rice.. What brand is good?

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I gave since 6 mth old.. think any brand is ok. I started with polished brown rice.. then like when she is 1 liao then started adding some red brown rice in.. I bought organic brown rice..

5y ago

how I did was I wash the rice then I fry it dry.. then I blended the rice.. so it became like powdery form.. so it takes v fast to cook.. hope it helps.. :)

any actually. Natural is a common choice - I use that too. I give a mix of white n brown. Babies take a v small portion only actually so no need to be too particular

5y ago

Nope. Their porridge need to be v soft so either u soak rice in the morning for 2-3hrs then cook for abt 30-40 min in rice cooker or on stove. Or if ur rice cooker can then just put the rice in and select porridge option immediately, cook minimum 1.5hr. Either way ensure here is lots of water

I give red rice instead since 7 Mths. My boy has skipped porridge n went on to rice directly

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