Got a bun in the oven


Can anyone help I've been having this irritating pain for a little over a week now... I'm not on my feet allot and I am honestly not much heavier then I was.. Anyone with the same experience? I know h
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How many weeks are you now?
Hey mommies... How accurate has the app been with tracking your pregnancy?
Really accurate for me
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quite accurate. it's based on ur edd
Forever Hungry
I always knew I had the potential to have a healthy appetite (can eat allot) but this pregnancy is making sure I reach my full potential lol I am ALWAYS HUNGRY or ready to snack
Moderation. Everything in moderation
Irritated Please Help Lol
Hi mommys and mommys to be... I am 14 weeks pregnant and I find myself getting irritated at the smallest of things. I'm usually very patient and level headed but these days I can go from 0-100 at the
Definitely hormonal reaction! But gotta keep in mind that baby also needs good and positive vibes from you.
Morning Sickness
Any good advice on how to deal with the nausea?
I recently started playing volleyball and I found out I'm pregnant.. Is it safe to continue playing in my first trimester?
Best not to!