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How do you punish your naughty kids?
it depends on what they have done...but i dont believe in punishing..i believe in talking to them, and maybe timeout (which is mainly to help them calm down before we can talk to them). more time cons
Yes i do punish it also depends on what kind of misbehaviour they did ... Proper age to punish is 3 starting young with timeout, then slowly the privileges lastly one to one talk.. if for older kids t
It depends on what they do. For me I do timeout with kids. I'll pull them over to one side and make it very clear that it's not the way to behave, but also tell them what exactly about it and how they
How old are the kids? No punishment below age 5 as they're simply so adorable :) Ages 6-12 kids may test your tolerance level, some can be easily resolved by explanation, while others may require remo
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Perhaps timeout?
New home New environment
Is it true babies need time to adapt to a new environment?. I just moved to a new house and my baby keep on crying...
Could be, they are more sensitive.
Just like adults, babies need time to adapt to new environment. Some adults find it difficult to sleep in a new bed or use a different toilet. Babies have the same reactions.
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I never felt any difference as we keep on change the home .. yearly .. after my boy born (3yrs), we hv this is the 3rd house .. he enjoyed every where .. never felt any difference on him ..
I guess to a certain extent they do. I moved into my new home when my child was about 3 months old. Im a Muslim so i switched on Surah Baqarah on repeat in the house and it helped my child not cry at
Babies sense aura of their surroundings, so change can make them feel uncomfortable. Dont worry, they will adjust with time.
Is it normal for a 4mth to drool alot?. ALOT...
yes yes!! mine started drooling at 3months and its like free flow, haha! i bought tons of handkerchiefs just for that.. like other mums say, it's normal :)
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haha...yes, a lot of drooling at their age :) Just wipe it off with either tissue or baby wipes to ensure no rashes on their face/chin.
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yess.. mine drool alooott alooot too hahahaha
Yes it’s normal. Mine is drooling a lot at 4 months and now is still the same, going into 7 months.
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yes. mine drool a lot too
Flu and cough
My 4 months baby is having flu and cough... Is there any remedy besides vicks
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Better to consult ped .. we can’t risk them to do with home remedies..
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4 months old is still quite young. Put vicks under sole and wear socks. If it is still quite serious, do see a pd
Its best to bring your child to a PD to get him/her checked first. Once it has been diagnosed accordingly, you might want to use essential oils as an extra boost to help your child heal besides relyin
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I usually rub lemon and lavender EO on the baby’s chest, neck and back too