May I know where can I purchase Haakaa Breast Pump (original and manufactured in New Zealand) in Singapore?

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You can buy the pump from Taobao and it cost RMB39 = SGD8 excluding shipping. Some mums on our BF group have check with Haakaa and they confirm that the pump is genuine. But Taobao only limit 2 pumps per transaction.

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The authentic Haakaa pumps, including those sold in New Zealand, are made in China only. There is no "Made in New Zealand" version. You can get authentic Haakaa pump in Singapore from

You can get them from lazada. They are having promotion now, $12 each. Or there are a few sellers on carousell selling.

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6y ago

Okay thanks. Yes it is very hard to identify genuine product.

I got mine from Mothercare. It's affordable ($25) without the lid. You could check the haakaa website for the places that stock it in Singapore. Mothercare and kiddypalace I believe

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Kiddy palace and mother care are carrying the brand now, you might wanna call before heading over to ensure they have stock

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I dont think they're manufactured in NZ. I threw away the box but I purchased them online. Pretty sure it's made in china.

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I would say the safest best is gettting it from Singapore Retailers - Mothercare or Kiddy Palace

Best to get from kiddypalace. I wouldn't buy from online sources.

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Shopee? Kiddy palace also have.