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weight gain, EOD BP
im pregnant 23 weeks.. did my monthly checkup n i gain 4 kg in a month.. nurse ask me to go to clinic every 2 days for 2 weeks to check my blood pressure.. anyone had experienced in this situation? an
Dh 2 bln kena check bp seminggu 2 x sbb lbh brt bdn...nasib baik dh start puasa ..body weight pn dh ok...jgn minum air manis n kawal penggambilan carbo ...
u drink maternal milk right? my dr said 90%patients weight gain is cz of maternal milk.. i gain 6kg in 1 month. when i stop my weight maintain.no diabetes. and do 30min walk 2times a week. better drin
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Diet makan kena jaga sis. Jangan percaya org cakap "makan untuk dua orang" tu. Ni ada tips sikit tentang mcm mana nak jaga diet/berat masa hamil: https://my.theasianparent.com/diet-yang-baik-untuk-wa
same to me..every two days go clinic chek bp and urine..my weight gain5kg in a month..result mogtt ok no kencing manis dr just advice jaga makan..
gaining weight
now i'm in 18 weeks, is it normal to gain weight 3kg in a month? will go for monthly checkup this week, but im worried my nurse will shocked 😅
me too having this prob but since im underweight the nurse just ignore it.
i gain 2kg in 1month on my 22week and max 6kg in 1 month on my 25 week. i did 2 blood sugar test for both times. both came out negative for diabetes. they will do the test for u too. i suggest u stop