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home remedies for teething?
3 almost 4 months in 3 days dont have Orajel or teething rings
Would recommend to at least buy a teething toy for your baby to bite
Nexplanon Implant
I got the nexplanon about 7 months after i had my 2nd son i noticed my menstrual cycle was about 2in a half weeks long after i got it inserted i noticed i have mood swings bad, im literally tired all
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These symptoms might be side effects. If you’re not comfortable, please remove the nexplanon
How was yalls postpartum period go?
When i had my oldest it seemed normal, 3 to 7 days i ended up getting the nexplanon during my 6th week checkup i never got my period for the whole 3 years. Any ways when i had my 2nd son it was differ
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Hi... please call the hospital and discuss your concerns and condition with the doctor. They will advise if you need to make a trip to the hospital or not
How did yalls children react to the baby magic lotion?
It was a gift from my cousin she bought it at walmart it came in a little bag which was in it was calming lavender soothing lotion calming lavender bath soap and this creamy lotion. I was using the ba
This happened before she prescribed him this hydrocortisone cream to use for 3 days only it went away but what should i do use to keep his skin moisturized
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Hi... your child has sensitive skin. Please do not use any soap nor cream without prescription.
Then pls dont use it anymore and stick to what pd recommends. Not all bb react the same to one thing
how old did yall start feeding ur babies mashed potatoes?
My son is 2.5 months right now
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The recommended age to start solid is 6 months, but I wouldn't offer mashed potato as a first food since it's quite dense and hard. First food should be really soft and runny like apple, banana, pear
When is the appropriate time to take ur baby outside for the first time?
My oldest is 5 and i cant really remember when we started taking him outside when he was a baby. My youngest is gonna b 2 months on june 30th.
I took mine out when she is 3 weeks Just try to go to places that are not very crowded
switched formulas from regular enfamila to nutramigen due to constipation.
My sons 4 weeks today and we recently had a constipation problem last week the dr. Switched him from the regular enfamil to nutramigen due to his dad being lactose and with me milk gives me gas, so ge
Give it a few more days and if the poop is still runny, see a doctor
my son is 3 weeks and 1 day old he is formula fed, how do i know if enfamil is making him constipated?
Hes not spitting up, i know it too much information but i took a picture of stool please tell me something.Do i need to change formula, hes currently using the yellow can.
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Formula is considered to be "heaty" by many. So you may want to give your son some water after each feed. If problem persists please do consult a pd.
Bout 1 to 2 a day, hes okay he dont seem fussy, hes a really quiet baby. I'm unsure on what i should do. What do i do to make him poop normal again pr is this even normal? Any suggestions
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How many time he poo a day? Look abit hard to me, baby ok? Fussy?